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Along the time line with the Panther Hall TV show, 1964 thru 67, I was a part of the ever growing popular grass root, local kid bands forming at this time. We played at canteens or dances in the school gym. We were signed to a contract with Delta recording on Currie St. in Ft. Worth. We recorded two songs; "Between Classes" and "Someone Is Waiting". The members of this band were between 13 and 17 yrs old. I was the youngest and played drums and sang. It consisted of 4 young men and myself. We called ourselves "Lady and the Gents" and later "The Majestics".

One of the other accomplishments, which was aired on the local news, channel 11, 8, 5,& channel 4, plus my agent said it had gone down the wire (as he put it), was a song I wrote in 1990-91 about the soldiers that went to defend our country in Kuwait. It was called "Soldier Boy/Soldier Girl.” The Texas Girls choir were background singers in the song. I also had a video filmed by Tim Hood, a local producer at the time, which included this song and was aired on the news, you may remember it. Barbara White (a personal friend), and I produced and edited this video and it was aired on public access TV for educational purposes. It includes footage from the actual war, which I was granted permission to use from the Army and reserves. I also Had 4 #1 songs on the Inde Cash Box of which "Soldier Boy/Soldier Girl' was one at the time.

The flip side of the record was called "Too Much Time". The other two were "That's The Way My Mama Was Raised" and "The Wall". Jerry Jenkins and Scott Jevet of Channel 11 news team at this time with their company called "Red Dog Productions", also helped me produce another video featuring "Too Much Time". This one was filmed at a club off of I-35S called "The Rig".

I also produced a cable TV show for a while. It was produced out of my home and featured a local Opry located in Burleson, TX at the time, which I sang there for several years. I and my husband at the time were featured regularly, every Saturday night, and sang backup for the local talented kids that were on the show. It was called the "Burleson Jamboree" 1989 thru 1992. We would tape the kids on the show and then use this tape to produce the Cable Show, channel 44 or 45 at the time. Allen Newton and I would host the show and insert footage of the local kid talent from the opry and myself. I have lots of video of this time. Allen Newton worked as DJ of several radio stations and was my local agent, from Whitney, TX. My stage name was Sherry Fontaine and is labeled as such on my records and cassette tapes. This was right when CDs were getting popular, but I had vinyl records and cassettes.

Previous to this time (1976 thru early 80's) I also was part of a band called "Blue Foxx" (mainly rock and top 40 music). After this I had a band called the "Sherry Emerson Band" (performed mainly top 40 C&W music), about 1986 thru 1991.

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